Body Mapping (Inertia Series)

To gain the maximal comfort combined with the highest heat output we invented the Body-Mapping Technology. The body is supported by the air chambers on the most important contact points. Through that we are able to save fabrics where they are not needed. This helps us to create the lightest sleeping pads on the market.

The air chambers in the Inertia Series are only placed where the body is touching the surface. Thanks to that we could leave out or sparely place the fabrics. This allows a reduction of the product weight. The sections without fabrics are allowing the sleeping bag to completely extend its loft. Like that it can guarantee you the full heat output.

V-Chamber (Static V Series)

To give you the highest comfort and stability, we invented the V-chamber design. No matter if you are on-the-side-, stomach- or back-sleeper, the V-chamber design guarantees you a stable and comfortable sleep. The middle chambers are connected to the side chambers, which avoids a strong circulation of air in your sleeping pad.

The result: A holistic support of your body on the most important contact points: head, hips and shoulders. This concept allows a perfect balance between comfort, lightness & heat output and makes sleeping pads of the Static V Series the perfect buddy for every adventure.

Foam & Air (Klymaloft)

Inflatable sleeping pads with plush foam toppers for unmatched comfort. At Klymit, we’re on a mission to deliver superior sleep comfort for your best night of sleep outside.

When we set out to design the Klymaloft sleeping pad, we asked ourselves one question: how can we make sleeping outside more like sleeping at home?

The Klymaloft series features an innovative air and foam design. A plush foam topper conforms to support the body and eliminate pressure points, while the underlying I-beam chambers create loft and stabilize the sleeping pad. The air and foam strikes the perfect balance between comfort, pack size, and weight.


Traditional, flat sleeping pads can’t guarantee the full heat output of your sleeping bag. Why? The weight of your body is pushing together the filling of the sleeping bag and the filling can’t unfold itself. That's why our sleeping pads are designed smarter. Rather they are having a high chamber profile (Static V Series), or sections without fabric (Inertia Series). This allows your sleeping pad to completely extend its loft and therefore its full heat output and a higher isolation.

For that we are using two different technologies:
Loft pockets:
Strategically placed sections without fabric in the structure of the sleeping pad. Your sleeping bag will fill out these sections and will be able to extend its full heat output.

High chamber profil:
The high profil of the air chambers is building special zones in which your sleeping bag will be able to extend itself. This guarantees the full heat output and an extra isolation.