ASTM R-Value

What is a R-Value?

A R-value (resistance-value) is a metric used to rate how well a specific type of insulation can resist heat flow. The higher the R-value the warmer the pad.

What is the new ASTM standard?

The ASTM standard introduces a new test for R-value measurement that is being adopted by the camping industry.

In an effort to conform to the new ASTM industry standard while not confusing the current Klymit customer base, Klymit is listing both historical R-values and ASTM R-values on our website and packaging. ASTM R-values will be listed once the pad has been tested.

Have Klymit Sleeping Pads Changed?

No. We understand the introduction of the new ASTM R-value standard is confusing and we apologize for any inconvenience. It is important to note that in over the eight years we have offered insulated pads, there has never been a change in the insulation. Our sleeping pads continue to perform well in cold temperatures as indicated by the many testimonials and reviews you can read online and below.

What Klymit Sleeping Pads are Recommended for Cold Weather?

All Klymit insulated sleeping pads are recommended for a 3 season use. If you’re a cold sleeper or worried about being cold during a shoulder season, we always recommend an insulated sleeping pad for its versatility of seasonal use.

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The Klymit design technology difference

Deep Welds are designed to trap heat underneath your body to keep you warm all night long.

Klymit Static V sleeping pads are intentionally designed with deep welds. The combination of insulation from a sleeping bag and/or quilt and the sleeping pad’s deep welds provides additional warmth and insulation in cool temperatures. This design feature is one of the reasons that Klymit insulated sleeping pads keep you warm in cool temperatures but have a different ASTM R rating than before.

Why don’t you suggest R-values for specific temperature ranges?

We don’t suggest specific temperature ranges because every person has different temperature preferences while sleeping. Additionally, our Static V’s deep welds utilize the insulation in your sleeping bag to create extra warmth. These two factors make it difficult for us to suggest specific temperature ranges for specific R-values with a high level of confidence.

That being said, all of our insulated pads are recommended for cool  temperatures but how cold you can/should go is highly dependent on your sleeping bag and sleeping pad combo. Give us a call and we’re happy to talk through your specific situation.