A Surftrip with Marie & Patrizia.

Surf. Beach. Camping. Adventure. With Marie Pfisterer and Patrizia Bruno.

Our community is always growing.
What makes us proud? That we have loyal fans with a wide variety of interests. Whether motorcycle, gravelbike, bike, surf, bushcraft, family camping, mountaineering, skater, or beginner. Our community is extremely diverse. And that's what Klymit is all about.

Today I would like to present you two friends who can't get enough of adventure. But not only adventure, they are also extremely good content creators and work successfully for different brands.

Here we go: Marie Pfisterer & Patrizia Bruno.
We know especially Marie, who has become a good friend for some time now and who we support in her adventures.


━ Photograph & Creator

Marie Pfisterer

ig: https://www.instagram.com/mariepfisterer/

Patrizia Bruno

ig: https://www.instagram.com/patrizia_waz/

━ Products

Insulated Static V

Sleeping Bags